Our Team

Experienced Team of Consultants

EACL Consulting Services is a global leading project/construction management company (PMO) serving clients around the world. Our company was founded by a group of senior consultants who had the desire to continue their career in project and construction management, like ones starting their own enterprise.

Realizing the potential of our consulting team, we decided to share our expertise with customers who are looking for competency and performance in executing projects. Together, our team of highly skilled consultants can help you execute multidisciplinary projects from conception to completion. Our services are ideal for:

  • Customers who want agile management companies they can trust and that can manage cost and schedule.

  • Clients who are looking for trusted partnership for their projects.

  • Customers who have lost faith in large project management firms that are very expensive.

Our consultants spend time learning what is needed to make a project successful, keeping a viewpoint and making sure every detail is covered. We are accountable only to our clients and our success is measured by delivering high-quality projects on budget and schedule. From start to finish, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives in all aspects of project and construction management. We can compete with large firms by providing lower cost services to customers while delivering successful projects.


We at EACL believe in achieving extraordinary results for our clients by bringing projects in safely on schedule, budget and quality through the use of best industry practices through lessons learned and up-to-date technology.


Our vision is to be the premier project / construction management (PMO) organization by achieving extraordinary results for our clients, challenging our senior consultants with complex projects and earning a fair return on the values we deliver.