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Top-Class Project Management Services

EACL Consulting Services is a private Canadian Corporation, operating since 1986. EACL Consulting Services’ main focus is to provide Project Management support to the Owner (PMO) of major utilities, refineries, petrochemical plants and other organizations needing project management services. EACL Consulting Services was founded by Senior Consultants who have developed their skills through many years of experience managing mega dollar projects in the power, petrochemical, chemical, oil refining, commercial, institutional, infrastructure, pulp & paper, food & beverage, minerals & mining and other heavy industrial related industries.

We are accountable only to our Clients, and each other. We at EACL believe a Company that is dedicated to its Client’s needs provides its Clients and our Consultants with the broadest range of opportunity to show case their skills.

Our Senior Consultants joined the company to work in a consulting environment with no barriers to excellence and project delivery, unhindered by the barriers associated with typical corporate hierarchies and shareholders.

EACL Consulting Services’ focus is upon delivering a successful project for our Client. Our success is attributed to the use of the latest project management processes, scheduling & cost systems, quality control reporting systems, contract review and negotiation processes, document management systems, engineering and design review, procurement scheduling, construction management and commissioning methods to bring in a project on schedule and budget.

To improve a business or manage a successful project you must select the right individual(s). It is invaluable to utilize the skills of those who have taken on similar projects and have a history of success. Our highly qualified Consultants incorporate various automation tools to document the progress of each undertaking, and are aware of the schedule, budget and quality throughout the entire project. EACL Consulting Services brings that capability to every project endeavor.

President's Message

We consider your visit to our website a valuable opportunity to tell you about our company. At EACL Consulting Services we specialize in selecting senior industry professionals to assist owners with management of complex mega dollar projects in the power, mining, petrochemical, chemical, refining, commercial, and institutional, infrastructure, transportation and other world scale projects. The individual or group of professionals from EACL becomes the (PMO) Project Management for the Owner, where they help with the oversight of the project on behalf of the owner. The individual or team that we assign to a project has the experience to review the project as to its readiness, scope, financial model, environmental approvals, licensing requirements, engineering, project risk, schedule, cost, procurement, constructability, commissioning and startup processes and training of client personnel.

As you explore this website, you will gain a sense of our history, learn about our services, understand the methodology of our unique independent service, appreciate our innovative approach to project management, our capabilities, and become familiar with our accomplishments. We have been involved with highly unique projects around the world, all of which we are extremely proud of here at EACL Consulting Services. Our growth is attributed to attracting seasoned senior professionals that are recognized by their peers as industry leaders and experts in the service they provide. Before EACL Consulting Services assigns a Consultant(s) we carefully listen and get a good understanding of the Client’s needs. There is a prevalent need for such a service.

EACL Consulting Services is continually searching for talented Consultants to join our organization, to give us diversification and the ability to deliver successful projects in various industry sectors. We also search for other organizations that may have unique or proprietary processes in project management, automation systems, project tracking systems, scheduling, cost management, engineering, procurement and documentation, or other tools which may assist our consultants with delivering a successful project.
We invite you to visit our website often to learn about our company developments, project announcements, and latest project management technology updates.

With thanks,
John Chrobak, President & CEO.